The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has condemned adult female of Ekiti State Governor, Bisi Fayemi, for making an attempt to distance herself from the death of 2 students of the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) throughout a protest over poor electricity.

“Almighty God is that the biggest decide and can dispense judgement as because of her”, NANS PRO, Comrade Adeyemi Azeez, aforesaid in Abeokuta on Thursday.

NANS known as on the federal to probe the killings by African nation cops and guarantee justice is completed.

He said: “We scan with dismay, the reaction of the suspected aggressor wherever she created unsupported claims except for USA as students and kids WHO have what it takes to fight her, considering the quantum of our population, we all know that Maker is that the biggest decide and can dispense judgement because of her.

“In fact, Ekiti folks have coined a brand new name for lady|the lady|the girl} that is ‘a woman with nine mouths’ considering the spate at that she was telling lies through her unharness yesterday.

“Firstly: the Ekiti initial woman aforesaid she was within the hall once the scholars started rampaging and allegedly destroying people’s vehicle.

“This statement is just too sweet to be true; will such riot act be occurring outside the hall to the extent that people’s vehicles were being broken and therefore the house owners of the vehicles remained calm within the hall?

“Secondly because the initial woman, she claimed to stay within the hall whereas the damages were being done, why not address the scholars rather than ignoring them, if really she wasn’t desire and praying evil for the scholars.

“If really she regards the scholars as her youngsters, why not speak to them rather than ordering the police to be unmerciful with them.

“Also, if really you’ve got a heart of gold you ought to be troubled regarding what happened to the scholars and not exploit.

“You and your husband have the state powers and as a result ought to be able to restore normalcy to any uproar, that’s why you were electoral.

“Her husband, WHO accustomed be one in all our well-respected elders in NANS, is additionally step by step losing our respect as he has not aforesaid something since this crisis started, instead he’s busy fighting for security votes.

“If we’ve our method, we’d counsel that Ekiti state security vote be removed since the governor has not been creating even handed use of those he has been grouping that is clear in his inability to secure our students.

“We must, however, note that even though your security votes is magnified to N5 billion on a monthly basis, we’d still not surrender the lives of our students to you.

“We, however, appeal the federal to probe this killing of our students in Ekiti as this may best be delineate as a ‘state planned assassination.

“Even once the made oppress the poor in African nation, it’s not tired the open however the reverse was the case of Mrs Fayemi WHO threw 2 families into sorrow and gnashing of teeth while not ruefulness.

“And against the expectation of mothers, Erelu as lovingly known as, might still lie even once the lives of 2 promising young Nigerians were concerned.

“This pitiable state of affairs that has been on between the made and therefore the poor may graduate into a revolt of the poor during this country.

“Despite our respect for Governor Fayemi, his adult female has with success turned our backs against one another as we’d not think of the lifetime of any of our students.”